Shining A Spotlight On…..BOB

I love my Spotlight Series because it’s reserved for a select few in my life, who have made a lasting impression in a positive way. And, let’s face it, sometimes, my writing gets a little morose. I need these posts to balance my perception on life and to remind myself of all that is right in my world. My buddy, Bob is one of those people who is worth a few gushing paragraphs.

I met Bob in my late teens/early twenties, during one of my many stints working at the Kennett Square Inn (side note…almost everyone I have spotlighted is tied to the Inn in some way, shape or form). Bob was a background character in my life. He was no Norm or Cliff, hanging out at the bar. He was more like an extra. He was there but I didn’t think much of him. He was pleasant, but cynical. That’s what I remember; a nice, yet cynical, quiet guy.

Along the way, background characters move into the forefront. This isn’t Cheers. This is the real, bar life. In real life, people get aggravated with Norm and Cliff, eventually throwing them out. Or they get pissed because they didn’t get the special treatment they believe has become their birthright and they leave. Bob stuck around.

Bob is a book editor. He edits a variety of books, primarily related to military history, best I can figure. That’s the thing about Bob…..he’s quiet, an introvert and keeps to himself unless he wants to know you or cares to know you. At some point, I was lucky enough to have Bob want to get to know me.

My first real interaction with Bob was one night at the bar when I was waiting tables. I think I was about 19 or 20 because my age came up. Bob looked across the bar and almost yelled, “What??? I thought you were 28!!!” My reaction must have been one of offense because he quickly followed with, “You’ve worked here forever!” Nice save, Bob. Nice save.

Over the years, Bob and I became friends. Bob was one of the first people who I really spoke to about my love of writing and my secret desire to write a book of essays. Bob turned around one day and encouraged me to apply for a job at the publishing company where he worked. I did and ended up being offered a job in public relations. Ultimately, I turned it down after my employer convinced me to stay with a hefty raise and a promise of a graduate degree. While my hefty raise went into effect immediately, I spent the next 18 months helping them close their business in a nasty, custody-like battle. I can honestly say, I regret not taking the job with Bob and seeing where it would have taken me.

Over the years, Bob cycled in and out of the background of my life,yet remained a constant. I find that interesting. There are people that we take for granted that will somehow, someway, always be there. And Bob was. He just was.

When Stephen and I were looking for a home in 2003, it was Bob’s grandparent’s house we ended up buying at auction. It was my relationship with Bob that ultimately led to his grandmother accepting our offer during a hellish auction process where the neighbors attempted to interfere when they were unhappy with the final bid. 60 days later, we moved our things into the house where Bobby and his siblings roller skated in the basement, right next to the concrete “wine cellar” Bob’s grandfather built to house his Dago Red.

When I sporadically spoke about wanting to write, Bob urged me to start my blog. In fact, Bob named my blog. MaximusRed is Bob’s brainchild. He set the stage. I just wrote. I’m not sure this is exactly what he envisioned but at the time, I didn’t know what my life was going to end up looking like.

Over time, my relationship with Bob became more central to my life. Before texts and cell phones, I’d call Bob out of the blue to come out for a drink. He’d show up 10 minutes later. As stoic as he seemed, he always, and I mean, always listened to me wax philosophical about life. He told me the truth when I didn’t want to hear it. He liked my kid. And I don’t think Bob particularly liked kids at the time. He was, and is, a real friend.

Then, gasp……Bob found Denise. Or shall I say, “refound” her. Bob’s crush from childhood popped back up on Facebook and for the first time ever, I had the privilege of being Bob’s confidante. As Bob explored the possibility of reuniting with Denise, I was lucky enough to see a side of Bob I wasn’t even sure existed. My stoic, cynical friend started talking. And fell in love. I was even part of the committee that vetted Denise on her trip north. I fell in love with her too. So, like a Pope, I had them bow in front of me and I blessed the union. It was very dramatic.

Bob moved south and married Denise a while back. As happy as I was for him, I secretly didn’t want him to go. I wanted my stoic, cynical friend who sat quietly and listened to me complain about life at my disposal. Instead, I now get surprise, random texts asking me how I am, how Max is and when I’m moving south to be with him again (Side note….Denise knows about these texts).

In the meantime, Bob’s brainchild of a blog has lasted 6 years and I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also pretty proud that he’s my friend.



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